Give to the Winds Thy Fears

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Give to the Winds Thy Fears

Hymn Writer ~ Paul Gerhardt

Translated by John Wesley

Hymn Music ~ William H. Walter

Stanza 1:

Give to the winds thy fears;

hope and be undismayed.

God hears thy sighs and counts thy tears,

God shall lift up thy head.

Stanza 2:

Through waves and clouds and storms,

God gently clears the way;

wait thou God's time; so shall this night

soon end in joyous day.

Stanza 3:

Leave to God's sovereign sway

to choose and to command;

so shalt thou, wondering, own that way,

how wise, how strong this hand.

Stanza 4:

Let us in life, in death,

thy steadfast truth declare,

and publish with our latest breath

thy love and guardian care.

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