Hymn Lyrics : Immortal Invisible God Only Wise

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Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise

Lyrics ~ Walter Chalmers Smith, 1824 - 1908

Music ~ Welsh melody from John Roberts's Canaidau y Cyssegr, 1839

Stanza 1:

Immortal, invisible, God only wise,

In light inaccessible hid from our eyes,

Most blessed, most glorious, the Ancient of Days,

Almighty, victorious, Thy great name we praise.

Stanza 2:

Unresting, unhasting, and silent as light,

Nor wanting, nor wasting, Thou rulest in might;

Thy justice like mountains high soaring above

Thy clouds which are fountains of goodness and love.

Stanza 3:

To all, life Thou givest, to both great and small;

In all life Thou livest, the true life of all;

We blossom and flourish as leaves on the tree,

And wither and perish, but naught changeth Thee.

Stanza 4:

Thou reignest in glory; Thou dwellest in light;

Thine angels adore Thee, all veiling their sight;

All laud we would render: O help us to see

'Tis only the splendor of light hideth Thee.

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