Hymn Lyrics : The Old Year Now Hath Passed Away

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The Old Year Now Hath Passed Away

Lyrics ~ Johann Steuerlein, 1546-1613

Translation ~ Catherine Winkworth, 1829-1878

Tune ~ "Herr Jesu Christ, dich"

Stanza 1:

The old year now hath passed away;

We thank Thee, 0 our God, today

That Thou hast kept us through the year

When danger and distress were near.

Stanza 2:

We pray Thee, 0 eternal Son,

Who with the Father reign'st as One,

To guard and rule Thy Christendom

Through all the ages yet to come.

Stanza 3:

Take not Thy saving Word away,

Our souls' true comfort, staff, and stay.

Abide with us and keep us free

From errors, following only Thee.

Stanza 4:

Oh, help us to forsake all sin,

A new and holier course begin!

Mark not what once was done amiss;

A happier, better year be this,

Stanza 5:

Wherein as Christians we may live

Or die in peace that Thou canst give,

To rise again when Thou shalt come

And enter Thine eternal home.

Stanza 6:

There shall we thank Thee and adore

With all the angels evermore.

Lord Jesus Christ, increase our faith

To praise Thy name through life and death.

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