A Wedding Prayer

A Wedding Prayer
by Alfred P. Gibbs

Thou glorious Bridegroom who, from heaven’s splendour, came to the cross, Thy chosen Bride to gain; Draw near, we pray, and grace this happy union and o’er their lives, do Thou supremely reign!

We seek for them, Oh Lord Thy benediction, each good and perfect gift from heav’n above; the strength of faith, of courage, and forbearance, the light of wisdom and the warmth of love.

O, may they prove Thy grace is all sufficient, those needs to meet they cannot now foresee; and have the conscious sense of Thine own presence, as they in all their ways, acknowledge Thee.

Into Thy gracious hands we now recommend them as worthy for that rich blessing, Thou alone can give; and pray that they may grow in grace and knowledge, and for Thy glory, hence-forth seek to live."


We found this in an old copy of "Worship and Service Hymnal."

We thought the words were beautiful, but we really didn't like the tune it was coupled with. So we put it to the lovely and majestic tune of the hymn "Be Still my Soul."

It fits perfectly if you simply repeat the last phrase of each verses, for example: "Draw near, we pray, and grace this happy union and o'er their lives, do Thou supremely reign! Draw near, we pray, and grace this happy union, and o'er their lives do Thou supremely reign!"

We had my best friend sing this in her beautiful soprano voice...we thought it was the perfect addition for a reverent and God-centered wedding ceremony.

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Aug 10, 2016
love this hymn
by: Anonymous

I think this is one of my favorites. We sang this at my brothers wedding 10 years ago, and I would like to would like to incorporate it in my daughters upcoming wedding. The words are so true and meaningful. I've actually memorized it, and sing it to myself during the say.

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