Lyrics to Christian Christmas Music

popular christmas carols you heard
in shopping malls and on the radio

Have you listened to Christian Christmas music over the radio or in the shopping malls and wish you have the song lyrics so that you can sing-along?

Christian Christmas Music

Many times, the tune from a Christian Christmas song will stays with me playing over and over in my head so much so that I just have to go and look up the lyrics. And once I have the song lyrics then can I truly be able to enjoy the Christmas carol.

Popular Christmas Songs Heard at the Shopping Malls

So here are the lyrics to the many popular secular Christmas music and songs that you might hear once you enter the shopping malls just before and during Christmas time.

Do they have a gospel message? Not all but you'll be surprised.  But they certainly  have very catchy tunes and help to provide the Christmas festive atmosphere and mood for the occasion. 

With these song lyrics provided here, you should be able to easily sing along with the lively and festive Christmas music which are being played so joyfully over the radio or throughout all shopping centres this Christmas season.

Print out your favourites, gather a few friends or family members and sing these together with them karaoke's style and have a great time.

  • Jingle Bells - Lyrics to the all favourite Christmas song loved by adults as well as children.
  • The Little Drummer Boy - Lyrics for the popular Christmas song The Little Drummer Boy also known as Carol of the Drum recorded by The Trapp Family Singers of The Sound of Music.
  • White Christmas - Both lyrics and music for this Christmas carol was written by Irving Berlin in 1942.

There are a few more of these songs and I hope to add them here as soon as possible. If you have any suggestion, do let me know using the comment box below.

Have fun!

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