I Have A Friend
Whose Faithful Love
Is More Than The World To Me

I Have A Friend was first introduced to me by a reader. He came searching for a CD for this beautiful hymn. When I found the lyrics for this Christian hymn, I was amazed by the wonderful storyline.

The hymn speaks of the matchless love of God for us even before the earth frame was created. Then it went on to describe the self-denying love of Christ in leaving His heavenly throne to come to earth as a lowly son of man and the trials He went through till the final hour of the crucifixion. The final stanza brought us to the task we have to tell of His wondrous story with the assurance that we will see Him face to face one day.

This hymn is said to be written by a C. A. Tydeman but who is he, no one know.

I have a friend - JesusMy Forever Friend!

I Have A Friend Whose Faithful Love

~ C. A. Tydeman

Stanza 1:

I have a friend whose faithful love 

Is more than all the world to me, 

‘Tis higher than the heights above, 

And deeper than the soundless sea: 

So old, so new, so strong, so true; 

Before the earth received its frame, 

He loved me - Blessed be His name!

Stanza 2:

He held the highest place above, 

Adored by all the sons of flame, 

Yet, such His self-denying love, 

He laid aside His crown and came 

To seek the lost, and, at the cost 

Of heavenly rank and earthly fame, 

He sought me - Blessed be His name! 

Stanza 3:

It was a lonely path He trod,

From every human soul apart,

Known only to Himself and God

Was all the grief that filled His heart

Yet from the track He turned not back

Till where I lay in want and shame

He found me - Blessed be His Name!

Stanza 4:

Then dawned at last that day of dread 

When desolated but undismayed, 

With wearied frame and thorn-crowned head 

He, now forsaken and betrayed, 

Went up for me to Calvary, 

And dying there in grief and shame 

He saved me - Blessed be His name!

Stanza 5:

Long as I live my song shall tell

The wonders of His matchless love:

And when at last I rise to dwell

In the bright home prepared above,

My joy shall be His face to see,

And bowing then with loud acclaim,

I’ll praise Him - Blessed be His name!

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