The Great Physician

Here is the lyrics for 'The Great Physician'. I wasn't familiar with this church hymn until a reader emailed me for it. You might remember it as 'the sympathizing Jesus' which is part of the first sentence in the first stanza of this Christian song.

The words of this hymn was written by William Hunter and the refrain by Ri­chard Kemp­e­nfelt. The music of this Christian song was composed by John Hart Stockton - 1813-1877, the same who wrote the words and music for one of my favorite hymns, Trust in Him.

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The Great Physician

~ William Hunter, 1811-1877

~ re­frain by Ri­chard Kemp­e­nfelt, 1718-1782

Stanza 1:

The great Physician now is near,

The sympathizing Jesus;

He speaks the drooping heart to cheer,

Oh! hear the voice of Jesus.


Sweetest note in seraph song,

Sweetest Name on mortal tongue;

Sweetest carol ever sung,

Jesus, blessed Jesus.

Stanza 2:

Your many sins are all forgiv’n,

Oh! hear the voice of Jesus;

Go on your way in peace to Heav’n,

And wear a crown with Jesus.


Stanza 3:

All glory to the dying Lamb!

I now believe in Jesus;

I love the blessed Savior’s Name,

I love the Name of Jesus.


Stanza 4:

The children, too, both great and small,

Who love the Name of Jesus,

May now accept the gracious call

To work and live for Jesus.


Stanza 5:

Come, brethren, help me sing His praise,

Oh, praise the Name of Jesus;

Oh, sisters, all your voices raise,

Oh, bless the Name of Jesus.


Stanza 6:

His Name dispels my guilt and fear,

No other name but Jesus;

Oh! how my soul delights to hear

The charming Name of Jesus.


Stanza 7:

And when to that bright world above,

We rise to see our Jesus,

We’ll sing around the throne of love

His Name, the Name of Jesus.


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