Angels from the Realms of Glory

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From winged angels, shepherds in the field, sages in their contemplations to watchful saints - all are beckoned to come and worship the babe, the Messiah born to die for the sin of the world.

The birth of Jesus Christ is of paramount significance to us Christian. And not only to us, but also for all mankind.

It is a time of rejoicing. It is also a time when we stand in awe at the great love shown to us by the Creator of the whole universe.

He, our Creator, is no longer a God somewhere up there. He has, at a moment in time, come into our lives. Taken upon Himself an earthly body to dwell in the midst of His people. Born not as a king but as a babe in a manger witnessed by angels, lowly shepherds and wise men.

What great love shown!

Shall we, rejoice with the angels, watch with the shepherds and contemplate in awe with the sages, at the birth of our Redeemer, the Lord of Peace. Let pay our homage to our King, the Savior of our souls. He was born to die for our sin. Worship Him today wherever we are! Let us worship Jesus Christ and glorify His Holy Name!

Hymn Lyrics: Angels from the Realms of Glory

Lyrics ~ James Montgomery, 1771-1854
Music ~ Henry Smart, 1813-1879

Stanza 1:

Angels from the realms of glory,

Wing your flight o'er all the earth;

Ye who sang creation's story

Now proclaim Messiah's birth:


Come and worship, come and worship,

Worship Christ, the newborn king.

Stanza 2:

Shepherds, in the field abiding,

Watching o'er your flocks by night,

God with us is now residing;

Yonder shines the infant light:


Come and worship, come and worship,

Worship Christ, the newborn king.

Stanza 3:

Sages, leave your contemplations,

Brighter visions beam afar;

Seek the great Desire of nations;

Ye have seen His natal star:


Come and worship, come and worship,

Worship Christ, the newborn king.

Stanza 4:

Saints, before the altar bending,

Watching long in hope and fear;

Suddenly the Lord, descending,

In His temple shall appear:


Come and worship, come and worship,

Worship Christ, the newborn king.

Watch and Listen to this Christmas Carol

This is sung by Annie Lennox and instead of the chorus 'Come and Worship...', she sang ' Excelsis Deo'.

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Praise the LORD.
How good it is to sing praises to our God,
how pleasant and fitting to praise Him!

~ Psalm 147:1

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