I Will Praise Him Hallelujah

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Scripture Verse

I will praise the name of God with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving.
Psalm 69:30(KJV)

I Will Praise Him, Hallelujah!

~ Daniel O. Teasley, 1906

Stanza 1:

Oh, I praise the Lord who bought me, hallelujah!

I’m a happy pilgrim bound for glory land;

I am singing, and I hope to sing forever,

When before His throne eternal I shall stand.


I will praise Him, hallelujah!

I will praise Him more and more:

If I had ten thousand lives in which to praise Him

I could not enough my blessed Lord adore.

Stanza 2:

I will praise Him for salvation, hallelujah!

Richest treasure human spirits ever found;

Once I wandered far away, was sad and lonely,

But I’m dwelling now where pleasures e’er abound.

Stanza 3:

Oh, I’ll never cease to praise Him, hallelujah!

For He gives me peace abounding every day;

He redeemed me from my sins and fully cleansed me,

And I find His service sweeter all the way.

Stanza 4:

I will praise the name of Jesus, hallelujah!

I will praise Him for His mercies unto me;

Then I’ll praise Him with the angels in the morning,

When the face of my dear Savior I shall see.

Stanza 5:

Oh, I praise Him for the strength He daily gives me,

I am running now to gain that heav’nly prize;

Soon with joy I’ll reach the goal of life immortal,

And go sweeping through the gates of paradise

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