And Now Another Day Is Gone
Christian Hymn Lyrics by Isaac Watts

And Now Another Day Is Gone - One of the many hymns written by Isaac Watts. It is an evening song supposedly penned for children.

And Now Another Day Is Gone Lyrics

It is found in the Hymn Book 'Divine and Moral Songs' with the title, 'An Evening Song'.

Aptly titled, it is to be sung in the evening before bedtime. This hymn begins with praises to God, his Maker and acknowledging His providence and grace bestowed throughout the day which is now gone.

The second stanza is a prayer for forgiveness for past sins and strength for the future.

In the third stanza, he returned to the present moment and prayed for protection in the night hour.

And finally in the fourth stanza, there was a blessed assurance of God's faithfulness to watch over him through the night and the sure hope for a new morning.

What a lovely hymn to end the day with!

  • To look back at the day and thank God for His providence and grace.
  • To confess ones sins and ask for forgiveness.
  • To pray for a good night rest and God's protection through the night
  • To lay ones head down on the pillow knowing that everything is right with God and looking forward to another new day with our Maker.

Who especially should read or sing this hymn?

  • Those who are sick.
  • Those who are afraid of the dark or the night.
  • Children who dare not sleep alone should sing/read/pray Stanza 3.

Actually, I think every Christian should learn this hymn by heart and sing it before bedtime; whether alone individually or together as a family after reading the evening Bible passage for the day.

And Now Another Day Is Gone

Hymn Writer: Isaac Watts, 1674-1748

Stanza 1:

And now another day is gone,
I’ll sing my Maker’s praise!
My comforts every hour make known
His providence and grace.

Stanza 2:

But how my childhood runs to waste
My sins how great their sum!
Lord, give me pardon for the past,
And strength for days to come.

Stanza 3:

I lay my body down to sleep,
Let angels guard my head;
And, through the hours of darkness, keep
Their watch around my head.

Stanza 4:

With cheerful heart I close mine eyes,
Since thou wilt not remove;
And in the morning let me rise
Rejoicing in thy love.

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Praise the LORD.
How good it is to sing praises to our God,
how pleasant and fitting to praise Him!

~ Psalm 147:1

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